Producer overview

/Producer overview

Informations for Producers

In any business process between the technical trade and its suppliers product master data build the base for orders and accounting. Further more: high-quality master data is

  • a crucial factor of success for the technical trade to design the process to the customer promptly and efficient;
  • an important marketing tool for the producing industry, as they decide about the electronic design of the delivery program.

Until now required data had to be entered and maintained manually in the specialized trade leading to high expenditure of time and high error rate. Because of that today producers have to provide product master data in an electronic format. This reduces the effort for data maintenance and enables faster reactions in the market. Verified master data ensures the requirement for electronic communication and the increasing automation of business processes.

To ensure an economic supply of the technical trade with product master data, a centralized master data base was setup for the industrial sector. Suppliers can access here to actual article and pricing data of their suppliers and can maintain data automated via suitable import interfaces into their ERP systems.

Thus the participating producers raise their attractivity for the distribution partners in the area of technical trade in a sustainable way.