Kooperationsmodell edata pool en

In the VTH-Master Data Pool master data of products is gathered / digitally recorded by a central data collection. Data is prepared and enriched in this data pool. All connected technical suppliers are supplied with the master data information of the products if they were authorized by the producers.

The producers are responsible for the placement and maintenance of their assortment – currentness, completeness and accuracy. In return they are as well beneficiary of the data pool as they receive back their own master data prepared and enriched.

The system of central master data pool is interesting in many points for technical trade and producers:

  • Usage of common defined class list of characteristics
  • Therefore mapping of the necessary attributes of the trade companies
  • No errors in data collection as the producers control their entries
  • With the recording of master data in one place the consistency and completeness of recorded data is ensured continuously
  • Transparency and standardized quality of master data
  • Plausibility and quality control in standardized and reliable format by the Pool, in contrast to direct transmission of master data
  • Therefore reduction of inspection effort of supplier
  • Easy and cost efficient access for all involved companies
  • The Pool may be used by all authorized VTH members
  • Cost reduction as not all suppliers have to enter their own data but can come back to the data pool