VTH and IFCC have signed cooperation agreement

//VTH and IFCC have signed cooperation agreement

VTH-eData-Pool for technical trade  – VTH-Master Data – Pool is going to be opened


In cooperation with IFCC GmbH the project „master data management“ was developed. IFCC provides prepared and enriched master data to VTH members. Aim is to centralize the master data processing and maintenance to reduce the costs of processing and maintenance for the individual suppliers.

The VTH-Service GmbH has instructed IFCC GmbH with the development and operation of the VTH-eData-Pool.

This master data pool includes master data of products from all participating VTH members that come from producers who “deliver” into the master data pool. These products are described in detail in the master record so they can be used (without further rework), such as the transfer into the company owned PIM system.

Technical base of the „VTH-eData-Pools“ is the IFCC-DataManager. This is a web based application and it meets the requirements very well. The data import and export is routed here. The data distribution is ensured for all participating suppliers without further investments in additional infrastructure in case the suppliers use the import and export formats defined with VTH-Service GmbH.

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